Employment Law Attorney for Employees in Albuquerque

The law offices of Moody & Stanford, P.C., provides some of the most experienced and successful employment law representation in the country, equipped to handle any dispute or employment issue that may arise. We have represented employees throughout New Mexico in single representative cases as well as class-action lawsuits.

Employment Law For Employees — Representing Workers In Discrimination And Hostile Work Environment

Our attorneys understand the issues that employees face and provide honest, straightforward guidance and representation, protecting your interests and ensuring that you are provided a safe and nonhostile work environment.

We handle all forms of employment law on behalf of employees, including:

Various state and federal laws provide employees with fundamental workplace rights, including protection from discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation. Employees also have rights in regard to compensation, such as payment of a minimum wage, and are safeguard from wrongful termination and invasion of privacy. In addition, employers are required to provide a safe work environment for their employees, and adhere to many other statutes regarding an employee’s right to family and medical leaves, unemployment benefits, health care continuation benefits and workers’ compensation. Understanding your rights as an employee is important and can ensure you are treated fairly and in addition to enhancing your job security.

Both private and public sector job applicants, employees and former employees have employment rights. These rights cover many different areas related to a person’s job and work environment. An employee whose rights have been violated can seek redress through various state and federal agencies, as well as state and federal courts. When seeking compensation in an employment-related case, representation by a knowledgeable and aggressive employment law firm is essential. Attorneys at our office are highly skilled litigators and will be tough advocates when fighting for your rights to damages. Christopher Moody has extensive experience representing employees in claims involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, and other employment issues. We will provide the best representation possible and will help you in any way that we can

Throughout the state, our firm leads the way in these legal matters, litigating to the fullest extent on behalf of the client, recovering the verdicts and settlements needed to make it right. We have the resources and experience to see each case through.

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