Discrimination Class-Action Lawsuits

If an employer is discriminating against you due to your position in a protected status, such as your age, gender, religion, nation of origin, race, mental or physical disability or sexual orientation, chances are he or she is also discriminating against others of your status. Many employees who suffer from a hostile work environment feel isolated in what they are experiencing, unaware that others are also facing similar discrimination.

Class-Action Discrimination Cases — Seeking Accountability From Employers

At Moody & Stanford, P.C., we provide exceptional employment law representation, equipped to handle both individual lawsuits and class-action cases. Many times, employees are able to achieve much more in litigation as a group than on their own, holding the company accountable for its treatment of employees and achieving greater verdicts and settlements.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate to determine if your case is an isolated example or if the illegal treatment is widespread, affecting others in the company.

We will look at discrimination and harassment of people of protected status to determine how widespread the problem is and if it comes from upper management. Classic examples include:

  • Not paying women as much as their male counterparts for similar work done
  • Not providing a suitable work environment for disabled workers
  • Not taking disabled workers back until they are 100 percent released to work
  • Repeated sexual harassment and advances toward women throughout the company

All members of a class action must be seeking the same type of redress for the same type of offense in the case at hand. Our attorneys are skilled at connecting the dots and identifying others in your company who are suffering similar circumstances, putting together the evidence needed to hold the company accountable and delivering substantial verdicts and settlements.

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