Fair Pay For Women Act

The Fair Pay for Women Act was enacted in New Mexico in 2013. It was designed to ensure that women would be treated and compensated equally in the workplace, in companies with more than four employees.

The woman must show that she was paid different wages from her male counterparts, performing jobs and duties with comparable skill and responsibility. The act allows employers to compensate employees differently if there is merit or seniority to be considered, however.

Seeking Equal Compensation For Women In The Workplace

At Moody & Stanford, P.C., we will take the time to sit down with you and listen to the concerns you have about your workplace and compensation, as well as the unfair treatment you are experiencing. Our attorneys will provide you with a clear and honest understanding of where your case lies, as well as all options and alternatives available to you.

We will explain to you all provisions and awards available under the act, including:

  • The act allows more time for women to file suit. Originally, the statute of limitations was set to 300 days, but under the FPWA, the woman may file up to two years from the last day with the company and six years from the date of violation.
  • The court has the discretion to award injunctive relief, or a nonmonetary award intended to correct and change culture and behavior within the company.
  • The court can award treble damages if it believes that the employer did indeed act in good faith, not intending to violate FPWA or any other laws protecting women or other protected statuses.
  • The court can award punitive damages, punishing the employer for its actions which violated the employment rights of women and protected statuses under FPWA

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