What Employees Need To Know About Employer Discrimination In New Mexico

Moody & Stanford, P.C., of Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides skilled and successful employment law guidance to employees who have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace.

What Employees Need To Know About Discrimination

There is no law stating that employers have to be nice. If, however, your employer is creating a hostile work environment, singling you out because of a protected status, you may be eligible to file a discrimination or harassment claim against your employer. Discrimination by protected class means that you are experiencing negative treatment because of your age, gender, race, ethnicity, color, country of origin or religious status.

Our attorneys will carefully investigate the circumstances of your treatment, including emails, conversations, witness accounts, disciplinary actions or other evidence that you have showing that you were mistreated. Discrimination generally involves situations where you were disciplined, fired, or intentionally passed over for opportunities that you would have otherwise gotten, such as jobs, promotions, sales territories, training, or other job advancement opportunities. Harassment refers to actions that were taken against you, creating a hostile or uncomfortable work environment. This could involve verbal abuse, unsolicited comments or jokes, disciplinary actions, intimidation or other types of workplace abuse.

We provide compassionate and caring representation to individuals who have undergone these circumstances, understanding the emotional and stressful toll this can take on a person. Our attorneys are regarded throughout the region for their ability to deliver results for employees who have been discriminated against or harassed because of their status. We understand what you are going through and are committed to acting on your behalf, providing all of the answers and information needed.

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