Adverse Employment Action Attorney in Albuquerque

Proving Adverse Employment Action

In order to succeed in a lawsuit over discrimination, wrongful termination or retaliation, it will be necessary for you to prove to the court that you were the victim of adverse employment action on the part of your supervisor or employer. There is no objective measurement to determine whether adverse employment has or has not occurred, but by working with a knowledgeable employment lawyer who has experience representing clients in your position, you greatly improve your chances of success. By investigating your situation in detail to document the entire story as well as gathering evidence of company policy and testimony, your attorney will work to demonstrate to the judge that you were targeted with unfair and illegal treatment by your employer.

Adverse employment action constitutes a variety of situations, including termination or demotion as punishment for making a complaint over sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination. Dramatic wage and hour cuts can also qualify as adverse action as well as transfer to a location that would make it unreasonably difficult to maintain employment. When you can prove that actions of this nature were taken against you as a means of targeting or selecting you out for harassment or punishment, the judge will likely recognize your claim of adverse action.

Defending Your Employment Rights

An attorney from the team at Moody & Stanford will consult with you about your claim when you believe you have been the victim of adverse employment action. With over 50 years of combined practice experience in the field of employment law, we know what it takes to demonstrate the validity of a claim, and we will work closely with you to build a strong case. You may be able to recover punitive damages and compensation for your losses. Our goal is to help you obtain justice against your employer.

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