Employment Contract Attorney in Albuquerque

What Is An Employment Contract?

Employment contracts are used for many different types of jobs. They set forth the terms and conditions of a person’s employment. Employment agreements typically cover¬†compensation, health benefits, vacation and sick leave, length of employment, the employee’s duties and responsibilities, how disputes will be resolved and reasons for termination. They can also include noncompetition clauses, confidentiality clauses, trade secret protection for the employer, stock options and even grievance procedures. If you are being asked to sign an employment contract, have it reviewed by an attorney. An employment lawyer will make sure you understand exactly what you are committing yourself to, and can help negotiate any modifications or changes that may be needed.

Employment Agreements

Employment contracts can have several advantages. Many times they provide added job security by specifying the length of employment and what is expected. Employment agreements also require the employer to treat you fairly. Moody & Stanford is a seasoned employment law firm that has many years of experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for our clients, including:

  • Executive contracts
  • Bonus and incentive plans
  • Severance contracts
  • Mandatory arbitration agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Collective bargaining agreements

We also have extensive experience litigating contract disputes. Our firm is highly skilled in employment matters and can assist you with any contract-related issue. When drafting or reviewing a contract, we will also make sure your rights and interests are safeguarded, and provide vigorous representation in any contract dispute. Attorneys at our firm have been recognized as Super Lawyers for their legal abilities and professional accomplishments. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior customer service, and can assist you with all of your employment-related legal needs.