Unpaid Wages Attorney in Albuquerque

Claims Involving Unpaid Wages

Under state and federal laws, an employer is legally required to pay its employees a minimum wage. When an employer violates wage laws, a claim can be filed for back pay and other damages. You deserve to be paid for the work that you perform according to state and federal guidelines. If you are not being properly compensated for your work, contact an attorney for legal advice and assistance.

Not only are employers legally required to pay minimum wage, they must also pay a nonexempt employee for any work that is performed in excess of 40 hours. This can include time spent working during breaks and lunch such as:

  • Answering emails related to your job
  • Responding to text messages from your boss
  • Taking a work-related phone call
  • Completing a call with a customer

Due to the complexity of employment laws, most employees do not know the full extent of their rights. Our firm can review your compensation arrangement with your employer, as well as any timekeeping records, to determine if you are being properly paid.

Filing A Claim

An employer can request that an employee work more than eight hours a day, but must pay overtime if more than 40 hours are worked during the week. Overtime is paid at 1 ½ times the persons hourly wage. Employers will sometimes wrongfully classify employee or intentionally misclassify a nonexempt employee as exempt to get around the payment of overtime. If you believe your employer is violating the law regarding your wages and overtime pay, speak with an attorney at Moody & Stanford. We are skilled and experienced employment law specialists who will protect your employment rights and file a claim for any back wages that you are due.