Thank you for the Violence in the workplace materials! You make an incredible difference for so many HR professionals! I attended both of your presentations. They were excellent! You do a wonderful job of capturing your audience and keeping their attention. You are hilarious to top it off! I always learn so much from you! Your efforts and contributions to SHRM/HRMA are so very much appreciated by so many!

-Jill A.

I have been very satisfied with your services. You have been excellent, on point, constructive and extremely helpful. You have been responsive to timelines and time pressures. As I have said in the past, you have excellent listening and feedback skills which are key components of the word “counselor”.

-Michael C.

Whitney, I wanted to thank you for your presentation. I found the material very informative. You highlighted many important aspects of our work that the leadership team needed to hear again. Your humor and examples helped with our learning and I’m sure with our retention in the future of the key points. I especially connected with your point, “We are being graded all the time.” I really appreciate the effort made by you, Mary, and Nancy to put this together. I am glad that you’re on the BH team! Have a good day.

Brian Burnett. PE, President,  Bohannan Huston